Swap your blankets for Foutas!
Now that the weather is starting to warm up (slowly but surely!) its time to start swapping those heavy winter bedspreads and linens for light tog duvets and crisp cotton sheets.
These House of Rym Foutas are hand woven and 100% cotton. so perfect for adding an extra light layer to your bed, or draping over a sofa instead of a big fluffy throw or blanket. (These can be moved outside where you'll need that extra bit of warmth!) 
Originally a turkish towel, the Fouta has a multitude of uses other than just a light blanket. It can be used as a table cloth, a wrap, or a bedspread. It's an especially essential piece of kit for those beach holidays, to use as a picnic blanket, a towel or a shawl once the sun starts to dip. They're machine washable as well so don't worry about getting them all sandy!
There are several different patterns; Twists and Turns, Frizzy not Fuzzy, Sur la Plage, Sur la Montagne and Remembering the Tartans. Each pattern is available in multiple colour ways, and all a nice size of 100x180cm.