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Green Flowers Pattern DIY Latvian Mitten


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For several centuries in Latvia mittens were the main form of gift and endowed with magical significance. Nowadays Latvian mittens, diverse in their colours and patterns are still an essential part of Latvian winter clothing.

Every mitten has its own story, as every pattern knitted has its own meaning and brings with its own wish.

Most of these patterns have been derived from the Latvian tradition of deities and gods. Every deity and god had its own tasks and mission and it was represented by one or more symbols that characterised it.

With this kit You will learn how to make a pair of genuine Latvian mittens.
In 'Knit Like a Latvian' box You will find:
- Colour pattern
- Woollen yarn in selected colours for a pair of mittens size M/L
- Step-by–step recipe of a mitten