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Moomin Sketch/Print On Horseback Limited Edition


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Brand: Opto Design

Illustrations of original sketches for a comic strip by Tove Jansson adorn this limited edition Art Print. As was common practice in the 1950's, the original comic strips were unfortunately destroyed after publication. Thus there was a great deal of rejoicing when several sheets of complete sketches for the original comic strips were discovered among Tove's property when she passed away in 2001.

Opto Design have beautifully reproduced some of these sketches in limited editions, only 350 copies have been made per illustration. The sheets originate from the "Moomin goes Wild West" comic strip that was first published in 1957.

Details: Limited edition art print from a print run of just 350. This Art Print is 42cm x 30cm and is packaged in an envelope with notes on the life and work of Tove Jansson.